Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Letter from a Sager Brown Volunteer

Pictured above is a Short Term Volunteer Team that volunteered at UMCOR Sager Brown during the week of July 12, 2009 from St. Paul’s UMC in Melbourne Florida. During their stay at Sager Brown, they worked in the Community doing home repair, in the Depot making kits and sewing school bags, and at a battered women’s shelter, assisting as needed. This was a first time experience at Sager Brown for all the team members.

Diana Lyle (fourth from the left), wrote a letter to the Sager Brown staff that we would like to share with you.

Dear Staff of Sager Brown,

We came here not knowing what to expect—only that we had that itching desire in our feet, hands, and heart to serve and give to those who have nothing. And yet we were a bit anxious-where will we sleep? Will there be air conditioning? Mosquitoes? Bed bugs? Will we have enough clothes or the right clothes? Will we be hungry? Will the food be good?

But our Father knew we needed all these things and prepared a place for us out of the abundance of His love.

He gave us everything we needed for our physical needs and gave us laughter and joy and the embrace of His Spirit. It’s better than gems and pearls and gold.

We wanted to work and we did, and we are blessed to feel we have given to those in need, but we are the ones who have been ministered to and cared for.

Like worker bees making honey that will be taken away to be given to the hungry, we are happy. We got to work in a beautiful nourishing garden.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

Dianna Lyle

Learn more about UMCOR Sager Brown and how to volunteer there at

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