Friday, July 17, 2009

UMCOR Supplies and Volunteers Give Hope to Migrants

Nogales, Mexico—The temperature was nearing 105 degrees, as we crossed on foot along the the Arizona-Mexico border in Nogales. We were a group of 5 including Max Cisneros, of Desert Ministries, friend Alvaro, volunteer Harry Smith, Natalie Sue Brown, intern for Global Ministries and myself. Harry pulled a cart of supplies as we trudged up the hill to El Comedor, a place of respite for immigrants who may have walked for miles in the desert several days prior. The smell of beans and tortillas was in the air.

We milled about the center and listened to migrants. We washed blistered feet and applied Neosporin and gauze to help heal the open wounds. The supplies, sent by UMCOR to Max Cisnerso of Desert Ministries were essential to a healthy recovery. UMCOR has been a supplier of ointment, gauze, and other dressing supplies for over three years as this ministry now spans over 20 points along the Texas, New Mexico and Arizona border.

Patricia Magyar, Executive Secretary for UMCOR Health

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